Friday, August 28, 2009

The Danforth Review

The Danforth Review was an online magazine published out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, between 1999-2009.

All content and a number of full past issues are archived at the website of the Library and Archives Canada.

The magazine published:
  • 27 issues of fiction
  • 12 issue of poetry
  • over 100 interviews with authors
  • dozens of fiction, poetry and nonfiction reviews
  • an odd number of other articles, essays and features
Michael Bryson is the magazine's publisher and editor. Nathaniel G. Moore provided significant assistance.

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  1. Yeah. I published a short story with ya'll in '05. I always liked browsing TDR. But real-world concerns are an understandable reason for letting such enterprises go. Life's like that sometimes. Best of luck to you and here's to TDR coming back one day.